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May/27/2020 13:25

TIE0329 Automated reasoning, 4 ECTS, Lectured in English [home page]

Department of Mathematical Information Technology

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You cannot register for the course because the course has expired.
The registration deadline for this course passed 6.4.04 at 23:00.
Students will be registered according to their order of registration. Further information on queuing.

General information

Home page: http://www.mit.jyu.fi/antkaij/opetus/ap/2004/
Begins - ends: 2.3.04 - 16.4.04
Registration period: 1.9.03 at 0:00 - 6.4.04 at 23:00
Instructor(s): Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho (antti-juhani@kaijanaho.fi)
Credits: 4 ECTS cr.
Languages: language(s) of instruction: suomi; completion language(s): suomi
Registered: 35
Max participants: 60 (Due to the queuing method used for registration, you may still register for this course even though the number of participants exceeds the maximum.);
Organisations:Department of Mathematical Information Technology (MIT)
Current events:The course is lectured in English.
Contents:Normal forms, unification, resolution, tableaux, automated reasoning in equational theories, automated reasoning in higher-order logic.
Prerequisites:Automata and Formal Languages and either MAT223 Logiikka (2 cr) or FILA31 Logiikka 1. Functional Programming is recommended.
Modes of study:Lectures, exercises
Completion mode:Exam
Schedule:Lectures 20h on weeks 10-15, Tue 14-16 and Fri 10-12 in Ag Beeta
Literature:Fitting: First-Order Logic and Automated Theorem Proving (Second Edition). Wos et al.: Automated reasoning - introduction and applications. Robinson & Voronkov (eds.): Handbook of automated reasoning. Loveland: Automated theorem proving: a logical basis.

[Full information on teaching groups]

Lecture [group details and registration]

TIE329 Lectures (spring 2004) [group details and registration]; registered 35, maximum 40
reg.time: 1.9.2003 00:00 - 6.4.2004 23:00
 LocationWeekDayDateAtSupervisorFurther informationURI
1 - 10Ag Beeta, Ag Beeta, Ag Beeta, Ag Beeta, Ag Beeta, Ag Beeta, Ag Beeta, Ag Beeta, Ag Beeta, Ag C23410 - 16Tu, Fr2.3.2004 - 16.4.2004severalKaijanahoSyllabus. Introduction. ; Formal logic. Representation of logic as data in programs.; The sentential language. Truth tables.; Uniform notation, sentential case. Sentential tableaux.; Ground (dual) clauses. Davis-Putnam procedure.; Questions from the students. Skolemization.; Herbrand's theorem; Unification. Free-variable tableaux.; A Peek Beyond the Basics 10

Exercise group [group details and registration]

Demo [group details and registration]; registered 10, maximum 80
reg.time: 1.9.2003 00:00 - 6.4.2004 23:00
 LocationWeekDayDateAtSupervisorFurther informationURI
1 - 5Ag Alfa, Ag Alfa, Ag Alfa, Ag Alfa, Ag Alfa11 - 15Wed10.3.2004 - 7.4.2004severalKaijanaho1 2