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TJTSS71 Computational Intelligence in Cyber Security, 2 op [kotisivu]

Tietojenkäsittelytieteiden laitos

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Kurssin ilmoittautumisaika päättyi 9.1.12 klo 23:59.

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Kotisivu: http://users.jyu.fi/~veijalai/TJTSS71/
Alkaa - päättyy: 9.1.12 - 13.1.12
Ilmoittautumisaika: 24.11.11 klo 0:00 - 9.1.12 klo 23:59
Ilmoittautuminen voidaan perua 13.1.2012 klo 00:00 mennessä.
Opettaja(t): -
Laajuus: 2 op
Kielet: opetuskielet: English; suorituskielet: English
Ilmoittautuneita: 29
Organisaatiot:Informaatioteknologian tiedekunta (ITK), Jyväskylän yliopisto (JY), Tietojenkäsittelytieteiden laitos (TKTL)

Computational Intelligence (CI) constitutes an umbrella of techniques, has proven to be flexible in decision making in dynamic environment. These techniques typically include Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary Computation, Intelligent Agent Systems, Neural Networks, Cellular Automata, Artificial Immune Systems and other similar computational models. The use of these techniques allowed building efficient online monitoring tools and robust Decision Support Systems (DSS), providing cross-linking solutions to different cyber security applications.  This short course/workshop will cover some important CI-based techniques in solving various computer and information security problems.
Contents (tentative; scroll down)

  •  Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • Concepts of clustering distance measures, etc.
  • Basics of Neural Networks (NN), Evolutionary Computation (EC) and Fuzzy Logic (FL)
    • Representation, feature selection, data fusion, learning, adaptation
    • Working principles of each technique (NN, EC, FL)
    • Fuzzy classifiers and fuzzy clustering, Fuzzy rules, Fuzzy DSS
    • Evolutionary models, operators, selection scheme, etc
  • Cyber Security Fundamentals: issues, challenges, existing solutions
  • Illustration of each technique with example applications in cyber security
  • Basics of Immunological Computation (IC)--Negative Selection Algorithms, different detector generation methods, matching rules, etc.
  • Basics of Cellular Automata (CA) – neighborhood topology, rules, etc.
  • Example applications of IC and CA in cyber security
  • Exercises and practices
  • Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) -- Intelligent agents, Mobile agents, Agent-Based cyber security solutions
  • Hybrid approaches: Combination of NN-FL, NN-EC, EC-FL, SVM, etc. in security applications
  • Evolutionary Game Theory in Cyber Security
  • Demonstration of CI tools for security
  • Wrap up, discussion on possible research topics

 The students will learn to apply CI-based technologies in solving various cyber security problems.

osaa soveltaa
osaa analysoida
osaa arvioida
osaa luoda
Turvallisuus, pettämättömyysosaa soveltaa
hermoverkotosaa soveltaa
Immunologinen laskentaosaa soveltaa
moniagenttijärjestelmätosaa soveltaa
evolutiivinen peliteoriamuistaa

Students with prior knowledge of some CI techniques and basic concepts of information security are desirable but not essential as they will learn during the course offering. The students are supposed to have B.Sc/B.Econ degree or M.Sc. /M.Econ degree


Lectures 20 hours (4 hours/day)

The students are expected to work independently during the day before the lectures are given 4-8 PM.


The instructor organises during the lecture a short quizz that concerns the previous lecture. The grading is based on these four short quizzes during the lectures (Tuesday-Friday), by aggregating the results to yield an overall grade (0-5/5) for each participant.

Kurssin työmäärä:

ca 40-50 hours; pls allocate 5 consequtive working days for this course.


Lecture Jan 9-13, 2011, 4-8 PM


Cyber Security, Cyber Intelligence, Immunological Computation, Neural Networks, Evolutive Game Theory.

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Luento 1 [ryhmätiedot ja ilmoittautuminen]; ilmoittautuneita 29, maksimi 200
ilm.aika: 24.11.2011 00:00 - 9.1.2012 23:59
 PaikkaViikkoPäiväPvmKloOhjaajaLisätietojaURITapahtuman tiedot
1Ag Delta2ma9.1.201216:00-20:00-Lecturer Dipankar DasguptaTapahtuman tiedot
2Ag Delta2ti10.1.201216:00-20:00-Lecturer Dipankar DasguptaTapahtuman tiedot
3Ag Delta2ke11.1.201216:00-20:00-Lecturer Dipankar DasguptaTapahtuman tiedot
4Ag Delta2to12.1.201216:00-20:00-Lecturer Dipankar DasguptaTapahtuman tiedot
5Ag Delta2pe13.1.201216:00-20:00-Lecturer Dipankar DasguptaTapahtuman tiedot