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TACEHAKU , 0 op, Application Form Teaching Academic Content through English programme, ONLY UNIVERSITY STAFF [kotisivu]

Henkilöstökoulutus, Kielikeskus

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Kurssin ilmoittautumisaika päättyi 4.6.17 klo 23:59.

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Kotisivu: https://kielikeskus.jyu.fi/henkkoul/tace
Alkaa - päättyy: 30.3.17 - 4.6.17
Ilmoittautumisaika: 30.3.17 klo 0:01 - 4.6.17 klo 23:59
Opettaja(t): Fergal Carolan (fergal.f.carolan@jyu.fi)
Kirsi Westerholm (kirsi.p.westerholm@jyu.fi)
Laajuus: 0 op
Kielet: opetuskielet: English; suorituskielet: English
Ilmoittautuneita: 18
Organisaatiot:Henkilöstökoulutus (HENK), Kielikeskus (KIE)

Since there are still space for more participants, the application period is prolonged until June 4 2017.


Programme for staff development in intercultural university pedagogy and English

The overall aim of the annual TACE (Teaching Academic Content through English) programme is to develop intercultural communication and university pedagogical competence for using English in multimodal teaching, learning, counselling, and assessment situations in participants’ own fields and practices. The programme includes 8 flexible modules, in total 15 ECTS credits. Completing TACE supports the University Language Policy. For further information, see the requirement and target levels for the teaching and guidance staff on language, communication and cultural skills set in Rector's Decision dated 19 August 2016.

TACE contact sessions 2017:

  • Mon 28 August 9 a.m.-12
  • Mon 11 September 9 a.m.-12
  • Mon 25 September 9 a.m.-12
  • Mon 9 October 9 a.m.-12
  • Mon 30 October 9 a.m.-12
  • Mon 6 November 9 a.m.-12
  • Mon 20 November 9 a.m.-12
  • Mon 11 December 9 a.m.-12

For more detailed information on the TACE programme, please visit the TACE site at https://kielikeskus.jyu.fi/henkkoul/tace.

The next TACE programme starts in August 2017. Please apply for TACE by completing the TACEHAKU form. In the form you will be asked the following questions:

  • What are your main teaching responsibilities?
  • What course(s) do you currently teach or will be teaching through English?
  • Do you have any concerns about your teaching through English?
  • What would you like to learn in TACE?
  • Have you agreed on this training with your supervisor or the head of your department?
  • Are TACE studies included in your work plan?

Fill out the whole application form and save it!

Registration for the TACEHAKU course is not enough. The application will be rejected if you do not complete the application form that opens on the screen after registration.


Maximum 20 applicants are selected for the TACE programme according to the following selection criteria:

  • The applicant has agreed on the training with his/her supervisor or the head of the department.
  • The applicant is willing and able to commit to the whole programme.
  • The applicant teaches currently or will be teaching courses through English in the near future.
  • The applicant’s learning objectives relate to the university pedagogical development and teaching through English.

If necessary, a balance between faculties and genders will also be considered when selecting participants. On the basis of the selection criteria, the representatives of HR Services and the University Language Centre will decide the participants of the TACE programme after the end of the application period. All applicants who applied before May 14 2017 will be informed of the selection results by the end of May. If you have applied after the original application period ended you will be informed of the results two weeks later (by June 16).

The programme is intended only for university staff members.


The application period is prolonged until June 4 2017.

The original application period: from March 30 until May 14 2017.



Further information and guidance on the selection procedure:

Saara Minkkinen
HR Coordinator
HR Services

Further information on the TACE programme content:

Kirsi Westerholm
University Teacher
Language Centre

Fergal Carolan
University Teacher
Language Centre


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