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23.4.2019 14:05

CMBS1107 Bioinnovations and Biobusiness, 4 op, Opintojaksoa ei järjestetä 2017-2018. The course is not offered during the academic year 2017-2018

Bio- ja ympäristötieteiden laitos

Kurssille ei voida ilmoittautua, koska se on jo vanhennettu.
Kurssin ilmoittautumisaika päättyi 11.4.17 klo 23:59.

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Alkaa - päättyy: 1.8.17 - 31.7.18
Ilmoittautumisaika: 11.4.17 klo 0:00 - 11.4.17 klo 23:59
Opettaja(t): Yliopistonlehtori Leona Gilbert (leona.k.gilbert@jyu.fi)
Tohtorikoulutettava Kati Karvonen (kati.s.karvonen@jyu.fi)
Laajuus: 4 op
Kielet: opetuskielet: English; suorituskielet: English
Ilmoittautuneita: 0
Organisaatiot:Bio- ja ympäristötieteiden laitos (BIO), Solu- ja molekyylibiologia (CMB)
Sisältö:The Bioinnovation and Biobusiness course will provide insight to intellectual property rights and international patent laws. The bio-business aspect of life sciences will be discussed with special focus on biomedical product development.
Osaamistavoitteet:Problem-based learning strategies within the course will provide knowledge for the student to develop a realistic business plan. Specifically, students will be able to describe biobusiness in Finland and globally, elucidate what is IPR and what can be protected, define components in a patent application and important issues in a research contract, construct a bio-business plan, describe steps needed to bring a pharmaceutical into the market, reflect on one’s own field and its own particular requirements of development, adopts skills in problem solving and critical thinking, as well as, develop interaction, communication and presentation skills. Attendance at the discussion is compulsory.
Esitiedot:Student should have an understanding of basics in biology.
Suoritustavat:This course will implement problem-based learning strategies so the student adopts skills in problem solving and critical thinking. These strategies will allow students to develop the ability to think critically, analyze problems, find and use appropriate learning resources. Students will engage in collaborative knowledge generating activities that will allow development of interacting, communication and presentation skills.

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Selected content will be provided in the course.




25% participation, including exercises and discussion groups + 75% exam.