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HYTJ1301 Tutkimusmenetelmät, 2 op, Discourse analysis for the humanities and the social sciences: Charting the terrain

Humanistis-yhteiskuntatieteellisen tiedekunnan opinnot

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Kurssin ilmoittautumisaika päättyi 16.5.18 klo 23:59.

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Alkaa - päättyy: 17.5.18 - 31.5.18
Ilmoittautumisaika: 12.3.18 klo 0:00 - 16.5.18 klo 23:59
Ilmoittautuminen voidaan perua 17.5.2018 klo 00:00 mennessä.
Opettaja(t): Apulaisprofessori Sigurd D'hondt (sigurd.a.dhondt@jyu.fi)
Yliopistonlehtori Kati Dlaske (kati.dlaske@jyu.fi)
Laajuus: 2.0 op
Kielet: opetuskielet: English; suorituskielet: English
Ilmoittautuneita: 21
Maksimi osallistujamäärä: 25
Sopii vielä: 4
Organisaatiot:Humanistis-yhteiskuntatieteellinen tiedekunta (HYTK), Humanistis-yhteiskuntatieteellisen tiedekunnan opinnot (HYT)

Over the past three decades, the linguistic turn had a significant impact on the humanities and social sciences, and scholars have grown increasingly aware of the role of language in the objects they study. Often, however, it remains unclear how this attention to language should be addressed empirically and how it can be translated into concrete analytical practice. Discourse Analysis (DA), a multidisciplinary enterprise that assigns a central role to the socially constitutive nature of languages use, is one of the tools that can help to bridge this gap. This one-day course gives doctoral students form across the humanities and the social sciences a brief introduction to what this field has on offer.


A short reading list will be distributed in advance. To complete the study unit (2ECTS), students should (1) read the articles beforehand, (2) actively participate in the seminar, and (3) submit a three-page report in which the briefly outline how DA could be relevant to their own ongoing doctoral research.  The deadline for the report is 31.5.2018. The report should be sent to both teachers (Sigurd D’hondt and Kati Dlaske).

A more extensive assignment can be negotiated for those wishing to take this module for 5 ECTS.

Grading: pass/fail


May 17, 9-16 pm: 

The course consists of an introductory lecture (1.5 hrs) sketching the various strands of DA, addressing both theoretical and empirical approaches. It is followed by two workshops (1.5 hrs each) in which Sigurd and Kati present case studies from their own research (courtroom research: the interactional basis of legal realities; discourse and governmentality), which illuminate how DA can help to elucidate concrete social problems.


Teachers: Sigurd D’hondt (sigurd.a.dhondt@jyu.fi), Kati Dlaske (kati.dlaske@jyu.fi)

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Seminaari 1 [ryhmätiedot ja ilmoittautuminen]; ilmoittautuneita 16, maksimi 200
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