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29.3.2020 18:55

LIBJ1001 Open Science Resource, 1 op, (doctorate students)

Avoimen tiedon keskus, Henkilöstökoulutus

Kurssille ei voida ilmoittautua, koska se on jo vanhennettu.
Kurssin ilmoittautumisaika päättyi 16.6.19 klo 23:59.
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Yleisiä tietoja

Alkaa - päättyy: 1.9.18 - 30.6.19
Ilmoittautumisaika: 22.8.18 klo 0:00 - 16.6.19 klo 23:59
Ilmoittautuminen voidaan perua 16.6.2019 klo 00:00 mennessä.
Opettaja(t): Informaatikko Matti-Petteri Rajahonka (matti-petteri.rajahonka@jyu.fi)
Informaatikko Marjo Vallittu (marjo.vallittu@jyu.fi)
Laajuus: 1 op
Kielet: opetuskielet: English; suorituskielet: English
Ilmoittautuneita: 75
Organisaatiot:Avoimen tiedon keskus (OSC), Henkilöstökoulutus (HENK)


Course in Moodle:


Instructions to complete this course:

  1. Open each sections and explore course material, and answer "test your understanding"
  2. Pick up for your own Open Science Handbook ideas that beneits your "path" to implement Open Science and Research Initiatives. Start to create your own handbook: Fill in My Handbook Part 1 etc.
  3. Send your handbook to the teacher: marjo.vallittu[at]jyu.fi
  4. You'll get your credits after completing your course

This resource is designed as an introduction to Open Science and Research principles and practices for doctoral students and other research active members new to Open Science and Research. The resource introduces principles, concepts, and new ways of doing research with the view that at every step the learning can be related to the research the learner is working on.


After completing the course the student is familiar with

- what Open Science is (the concept is not simple or well defined!)
- why academics and decision-makers are increasingly getting behind the idea
- what is Open Access, how you can increase access to your own research and importantly, why you should do it
- reasons for openly sharing data, the limitations for data sharing, tools and protocols for sharing data as well as the legal aspects for appropriate data sharing
- opportunities to start opening up your research process as well as how you may wish to participate in research work of others
- science communication and how we can share our work in multiple different ways.


No prerequisites.


To complete the course the student is required to study the course material and turn in an appropriately completed Open Science handbook.

You will find instructions in Moodle.


The course is available 1.9.2018–30.06.2019. This is an online course, where you can work according to your own schedule when the course is active.


Contact person:​ Marjo Vallittu, marjo.vallittu@jyu.fi


tiedonhankinta ja -hallinta, publishing, staff training


Assessment for the course: pass-fail.

To get a passing grade, the student is required to turn in an appropriately completed Open Science handbook.