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5.12.2022 16:08

EDUO1030 Finnish basic education: equal opportunities for all, 1 op, in English, JY:n avoin yliopisto

Education (open univ.)

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Alkaa - päättyy: 1.9.22 - 31.8.23
Ilmoittautumisaika: 1.9.22 klo 0:00 - 22.1.23 klo 23:59
Opinto-oikeuden voimassaoloaika: 1.9.22 - 31.8.23
Laajuus: 1 op
Ilmoittautuneita: 5
Organisaatiot:Education (open univ.) (AVOEDU)
Opetuksen järjestäjät:JY:n avoin yliopisto

This course is in English.


The structure and principles of Finnish Education system. Finnish teacher as autonomous reflective practitioner. Cornerstones of Finnish teacher education.


After this course you

  • know the operational principles and structures of Finnish school
  • understand the characteristics of Finnish teacherhood
  • understand the fundamental role of teacher education in Finnish success story

In this course, you will study in the following ways:

  • watching videos
  • familiarizing yourself with the text material and research articles
  • completing small tasks that support your learning


Discussions are meant to be suitable for all and arose common interest in issues which are familiar to all of us. You decide how deeply and how much you write.

You will reflect on and test what you have learned by completing assignments such as questions and "final test" (quiz). You can take the quiz as many time as you need to complete it.

You will receive a grade after completing the compulsory assignments. Grading scale: pass/fail.



Study instructions are available at the JYU Online Courses -platform: https://onlinecourses.jyu.fi/

To log in to the JYU Online Courses -platform, you need a JYU username and password, which you receive upon registration to the university. More information (in Finnish): https://bit.ly/kayttajatunnus_jyu

Katso opiskeluohjeet JYU Online Courses -oppimisympäristöstä https://onlinecourses.jyu.fi/

JYU Online Courses -oppimisympäristöön kirjaudutaan Jyväskylän yliopiston tietojärjestelmien käyttäjätunnuksella ja salasanalla, jotka saat käyttöösi ilmoittautuessasi opintoihin. Lisätietoa käyttäjätunnuksesta https://bit.ly/kayttajatunnus_jyu


Instructive videos, online articles, web-sites and learning material provided during the course.