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Feb/20/2020 00:44

IMCS1015 Project Management, 10 ECTS

Studies in Master's Degree Programme in Intercultural Management and Communication

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You cannot register for the course because the course has expired.
The registration deadline for this course passed 11.9.17 at 23:59.
Students will be registered according to their order of registration. Further information on queuing.

General information

Begins - ends: 12.9.17 - 11.12.17
Registration period: 21.8.17 at 8:00 - 11.9.17 at 23:59
Instructor(s): Kristiina Abdallah
[F]projektitutkija Pasi Ikonen (pasi.s.ikonen@jyu.fi)
Daniel Rellstab
Credits: 10 ECTS cr.
Languages: language(s) of instruction: English; completion language(s): English
Registered: 13
Max participants: 15 (Due to the queuing method used for registration, you may still register for this course even though the number of participants exceeds the maximum.);
Organisations:Master's Degree Programme Group in Language and Communication Studies (KIVMR), Master's Degree Programme in Intercultural Management and Communication (IMCMP), Studies in Master's Degree Programme in Intercultural Management and Communication (IMC)
Contents:On this course, you get to know the basics of project planning, project management, and project implementation. You acquaint yourself with the practical implementation of tasks requiring cultural and language expertise, documents necessary for the planning and implementation of the project, as well as related copyright and usability issues. You also learn to use Excel and desktop publishing and image processing software. You plan and execute a project as a member of a multicultural team and produce project deliverables as stipulated in the RFQ.
Learning outcomes:On completion of this course, the student will be able to
- know how to function in a demanding project requiring language and cultural expertise
- apply the required project management documents and technical tools in practice
- plan and implement a project according to the RFQ
- fulfill linguistic and formal requirements as defined in the project specification and produce the deliverables stipulated by the project such as project plan, project reports, and the end product, taking into consideration the goal and user group of the project.
Completion mode:Lecture course, exercises, project work

ISBNBook information
Reading materials provided by the teachers

Further information:Timing: 2nd year
Grade scale


Assessment criteria

Production of required project documents, exercises and project deliverables.

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Luento [group details and registration]

Luento [group details and registration]; registered 13, maximum 15
reg.time: 21.8.2017 08:00 - 11.9.2017 23:59
 LocationWeekDayDateAtSupervisorFurther informationURITapahtuman tiedot
1X 22237Tu12.9.201710:15-13:00RellstabTapahtuman tiedot
2X 22238Tu19.9.201714:15-17:00RellstabTapahtuman tiedot
3X 22238Th21.9.201714:15-17:00RellstabTapahtuman tiedot
4X 22239Tu26.9.201714:15-17:00RellstabTapahtuman tiedot
5X 22239Th28.9.201714:15-17:00RellstabTapahtuman tiedot
6X 22239Fr29.9.201714:15-16:00RellstabTapahtuman tiedot
7X 32840Th5.10.201714:15-17:00IkonenTapahtuman tiedot
8X 32841Th12.10.201714:15-17:00IkonenTapahtuman tiedot
9X 32843Th26.10.201716:15-19:00IkonenTapahtuman tiedot
10X 32844Th2.11.201714:15-17:00IkonenTapahtuman tiedot
11X 22245Mo6.11.201712:15-14:00RellstabTapahtuman tiedot
12X 22245Th9.11.201714:15-16:00RellstabTapahtuman tiedot
13X 22250Mo11.12.201714:15-17:00RellstabTapahtuman tiedot