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Mar/29/2020 18:09

FYSV421 PH4: Using Language to Teach Science: Researching Classroom Communication and Developing Dialogic Approaches (JSS23), 2 ECTS [home page]

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Department of Physics, Department of Teacher Education

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You cannot register for the course because the course has expired.
The registration deadline for this course passed 30.4.13 at 23:59.

General information

Home page: http://www.jyu.fi/summerschool
Begins - ends: 7.8.13 - 13.8.13
Registration period: 1.2.13 at 0:00 - 30.4.13 at 23:59
The registration may be cancelled before 25.6.2013 at 00:00.
Instructor(s): Jouni Viiri (jouni.p.t.viiri@jyu.fi)
Credits: 2 ECTS cr.
Languages: language(s) of instruction: English; completion language(s): English
Registered: 43
Organisations:Chemistry (KEM), Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences (BIO), Department of Chemistry (KEM), Department of Mathematics and Statistics (MATHS), Department of Physics (FYS), Department of Teacher Education (OKL), Faculty of Education and Psychology (EDUPSY), Faculty of Information Technology (IT), Faculty of Mathematics and Science (SCI), Jyväskylä Summer School (JSS), Mathematics (MAT), Physics (FYS)
Current events:


  • Lecturer: Dr. Jaume Ametller (CSSME, University of Leeds)
  • The course is a part of the 23rd international Jyväskylä Summer School programme


Teaching and learning science is a complex activity where language has a central role. Language is a tool to communicate concepts, to construct them and to articulate interactions in the classroom.  Developing an efficient use of language is, therefore, one of the main aims of teacher professional development. 

This course will introduce:

  • Theoretical ideas on the relation between language and learning
  • Research-based insights on how language can be effectively used for the teaching of scientific concepts
  • Basic tools to enable teachers to research the use of language in their classroom
  • All these elements will be brought together to provide a model for dialogic education in science, which aims at promoting deeper conceptual understanding.

During the 10 hours of the course we will discuss, among others, the following ideas:

  • Piaget, Vygotsky and socio constructivists perspectives on language and learning
  • Different types classroom communication: communicative approaches
  • How to chose a type of communication according to teaching aims
  • The development of dialogic tools for engaging students in discussions
  • Time management and learning
  • Simple ways of researching the use of language in teaching

The course is suited for undergraduate and graduate students interested in science and how it is taught and learnt.

Modes of study:

Attendance in 80 % of lectures and workshops. There will be group work activities and discussions.

Completion mode:


Course workload:

10 h lectures and workshops

[Limit information on study groups]

Lecture [group details and registration]

Lecture [group details and registration]; registered 43, maximum 200
reg.time: 1.2.2013 00:00 - 30.4.2013 23:59
 LocationWeekDayDateAtSupervisorFurther informationURITapahtuman tiedot
1FYS332Wed7.8.201310:00-12:00ViiriTapahtuman tiedot
2FYS332Th8.8.201310:00-12:00ViiriTapahtuman tiedot
3FYS332Fr9.8.201310:00-12:00ViiriTapahtuman tiedot
4FYS333Mo12.8.201310:00-12:00ViiriTapahtuman tiedot
5FYS333Tu13.8.201310:00-12:00ViiriTapahtuman tiedot

Exercise group [group details and registration]

Exercise group [group details and registration]; maximum 40
reg.time: 1.2.2013 00:00 - 30.4.2013 23:59
 LocationWeekDayDateAtSupervisorFurther informationURITapahtuman tiedot
1FYS532Wed7.8.201310:00-12:00ViiriTapahtuman tiedot
2FYS532Th8.8.201310:00-12:00ViiriTapahtuman tiedot
3FYS532Fr9.8.201310:00-12:00ViiriTapahtuman tiedot
4FYS533Mo12.8.201310:00-12:00ViiriTapahtuman tiedot
5FYS533Tu13.8.201310:00-12:00ViiriTapahtuman tiedot