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Feb/20/2020 00:06

MATS578 MA2: Inverse Problems in two Dimensions (JSS23), 2 ECTS [home page]

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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The registration deadline for this course passed 30.4.13 at 23:59.

General information

Home page: http://www.jyu.fi/summerschool
Begins - ends: 19.8.13 - 23.8.13
Registration period: 1.2.13 at 0:00 - 30.4.13 at 23:59
The registration may be cancelled before 25.6.2013 at 00:00.
Instructor(s): Tommi Brander (tommi.brander@gmail.com)
[F]yliopistotutkija Joonas Ilmavirta (joonas.ilmavirta@jyu.fi)
Professor Mikko Salo (mikko.j.salo@jyu.fi)
Credits: 2 ECTS cr.
Languages: language(s) of instruction: English; completion language(s): English
Registered: 32
Organisations:Department of Mathematics and Statistics (MATHS), Faculty of Mathematics and Science (SCI), Jyväskylä Summer School (JSS), Mathematics (MAT)
Current events:


  • Lecturer: Colin Guillarmou (ENS, Paris)
  • The course is a part of the 23rd international Jyväskylä Summer School programme

The inverse problem of Calderón consists in determining the electrical conductivity properties of a medium from voltage and current measurements on the boundary. Mathematically, this reduces to an inverse boundary value problem for an elliptic partial differential equation. We will explain a few recent results in dimension two concerning the Calderón problem, when the background space is a Riemann surface. This involves methods from complex analysis, partial differential equations and geometry of Riemann surfaces.


The course is aimed at graduate students, but strong advanced undergraduate students with the appropriate background might find it suitable. Basic knowledge of complex analysis, geometry (in 2D) and linear elliptic partial differential equations will be useful.

Modes of study:

Obligatory attendance at lectures and completing the exercises

Completion mode:


Course workload:

10 h lectures (2 x 45 min/day and consultations/day)

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Lecture [group details and registration]

Lecture [group details and registration]; registered 30, maximum 200
reg.time: 1.2.2013 00:00 - 30.4.2013 23:59
 LocationWeekDayDateAtSupervisorFurther informationURITapahtuman tiedot
1MaD 20234Mo19.8.201314:00-16:00SaloTapahtuman tiedot
2MaD 20234Tu20.8.201314:00-16:00SaloTapahtuman tiedot
3MaD 20234Wed21.8.201314:00-16:00SaloTapahtuman tiedot
4MaD 20234Th22.8.201314:00-16:00SaloTapahtuman tiedot
5MaD 20234Fr23.8.201308:00-10:00SaloTapahtuman tiedot