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Jan/23/2018 17:54

XYHX003 Fundamentals in intercultural and multilingual communication, 3 - 5 ECTS, KOKKONEN2 [home page]

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General information

Home page: https://koppa.jyu.fi/kurssit/167319
Begins - ends: 24.1.18 - 16.3.18
Registration period: 1.7.17 at 0:00 - 31.1.18 at 23:59
Registration must be confirmed between 17.01.2018 - 24.01.2018.
The registration may be cancelled before 29.5.2018 at 00:00.
Instructor(s): Lotta Kokkonen (lotta.o.kokkonen@jyu.fi)
Credits: 3 - 5 ECTS cr.
Languages: language(s) of instruction: suomi, English; completion language(s): suomi, English
Registered: 19
Max participants: 50 (Due to the queuing method used for registration, you may still register for this course even though the number of participants exceeds the maximum.);
Organisations:Language Centre (KIE), Language Centre (KIE XPV), University of Jyväskylä (JYU)

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The course introduces students to fundamental issues and concepts in intercultural and multilingual communication from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course offers a theoretical and practical framework for enhancing students’ knowledge of and competence in intercultural and multilingual issues.

The course consists of contact lectures on Wednesdays and on Fridays.  In addition to lectures, methods of learning include:

- selected readings, discussions, a group assignment (3 ECTS)

-all of the above plus an individual assignment (5 ECTS)

Learning outcomes:

On completion of the course, the students are expected to:

•understand and be able to discuss fundamental issues in intercultural communication such as identification, stereotyping or social interaction processes related to multilingual interaction

•understand that different languages encode different world views and that communication itself is relative

•acknowledge and be willing to engage with different ways of seeing and with realities different than one’s own

•appreciate the complexity of human interaction and understand that culture does not determine but rather may inform our communication in different ways

•be sensitive to power inequalities inherent in intercultural communication


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Exercise group [group details and registration]

Harjoitusryhmä [group details and registration]; registered 19, minimum 14, maximum 150
reg.time: 1.7.2017 00:00 - 31.1.2018 23:59
 LocationWeekDayDateAtSupervisorFurther informationURITapahtuman tiedot
1F 2054Wed24.1.201810:15-12:00KokkonenTapahtuman tiedot
2RUU E 214 Onni4Fr26.1.201808:35-12:00KokkonenTapahtuman tiedot
3-5Wed31.1.201810:15-12:00KokkonenTapahtuman tiedot
4-5Fr2.2.201808:15-12:00KokkonenTapahtuman tiedot
5-6Wed7.2.201810:15-12:00KokkonenTapahtuman tiedot
6-6Fr9.2.201808:15-12:00KokkonenTapahtuman tiedot
7-7Wed14.2.201810:15-12:00KokkonenTapahtuman tiedot
8-7Fr16.2.201808:15-12:00KokkonenTapahtuman tiedot
9-8Wed21.2.201810:15-12:00KokkonenTapahtuman tiedot
10-8Fr23.2.201808:15-12:00KokkonenTapahtuman tiedot
11-10Wed7.3.201810:15-12:00KokkonenTapahtuman tiedot
12-10Fr9.3.201808:30-12:00KokkonenTapahtuman tiedot
13-11Wed14.3.201810:15-12:00KokkonenTapahtuman tiedot
14-11Fr16.3.201808:15-12:00KokkonenTapahtuman tiedot