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Feb/20/2020 01:14

PSYP120 Neuropsychology I: Basics of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology, 5 ECTS

Psychology (PSY)

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You cannot register for the course because the course has expired.
The registration deadline for this course passed 30.8.19 at 23:59.

General information

Begins - ends: 16.10.18 - 4.12.18
Registration period: 15.8.18 at 9:00 - 30.8.19 at 23:59
The registration may be cancelled before 4.1.2019 at 00:00.
Instructor(s): Postdoctoral researcher Tomi Waselius (tomi.m.waselius@jyu.fi)
Credits: 5 ECTS cr.
Languages: language(s) of instruction: suomi; completion language(s): English
Registered: 415
Max participants: 450
Still room for: 35
Organisations:Faculty of Education and Psychology commons (EDUPSY), Psychology (PSY)
Current events:

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Contents:The focus will be on the cognitive and nervous system mechanisms of perception, alertness, learning and memory. Students will be presented the basics of the development, structure and formation of the nervous system and the electric and chemical processes connected to it. Furthermore, the students are presented how the nervous system controls the sensor motor system, sleep, nutrition, sexuality and emotions, and how it affects on learning and memory.
Learning outcomes:Students will know the basics of cognitive psychology and neuropsychology history and research area, and attain the basics of concepts and methodology of the area.
Modes of study:

Please note that the lectures are in Finnish. International students may complete the course by independent study (i.e. reading the literature and taking the exam).


Psykonet luennot: 16.10.2018 - 29.11.2018 (ei luentoa 23.10 ja 25.10)

Tentti 4.12.2018 klo 9-12 (kurssin oma tentti)

Tentaattori: Tomi Waselius

Literature approved in curriculum

ISBNBook information
KALAT, J. W. (2016) Biological psychology (12. painos). Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning. (e-kirja)
Sivuaineopiskelijat voivat korvata luennot teoksella PAAVILAINEN, P. (2016) Toimivat aivot: Kognitiivisen neurotieteen perusteita. Helsinki: Edita. (368 s.). Soveltuvin osin.

Study materials approved in curriculum

KALAT, J.W. (2016) Biological psychology. Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning. Twelfth edition (e-kirja) (606 s.)

Grade scale


[Limit information on study groups]

Lecture [group details and registration]

Luento [group details and registration]; registered 214, maximum 450
reg.time: 15.8.2018 00:00 - 31.1.2019 23:59
 LocationWeekDayDateAtSupervisorFurther informationURITapahtuman tiedot
1MaA 10342Tu16.10.201810:15-12:00LyyraTapahtuman tiedot
2MaA 10342Th18.10.201810:15-12:00LyyraTapahtuman tiedot
3MaA 10344Tu30.10.201810:15-12:00LyyraTapahtuman tiedot
4MaA 10344Th1.11.201810:15-12:00LyyraTapahtuman tiedot
5MaA 10345Tu6.11.201810:15-12:00LyyraTapahtuman tiedot
6MaA 10345Th8.11.201810:15-12:00LyyraTapahtuman tiedot
7MaA 10346Tu13.11.201810:15-12:00LyyraTapahtuman tiedot
8MaA 10346Th15.11.201810:15-12:00LyyraTapahtuman tiedot
9MaA 10347Tu20.11.201810:15-12:00LyyraTapahtuman tiedot
10MaA 10347Th22.11.201810:15-12:00LyyraTapahtuman tiedot
11MaA 10348Tu27.11.201810:15-12:00LyyraTapahtuman tiedot
12MaA 10348Th29.11.201810:15-12:00LyyraTapahtuman tiedot

Exam [group details and registration]

Tentti 4.12.2018 [Registration for the exam]; registered 194, maximum 200
reg.time: 15.8.2017 09:00 - 27.11.2018 23:59
 LocationWeekDayDateAtSupervisorFurther informationURITapahtuman tiedot
1MaA 10349Tu4.12.201809:00-12:00WaseliusKurssin oma tenttiTapahtuman tiedot
Tentti 25.1.2019 (Tenttisalit: https://www.jyu.fi/edupsy/fi/opiskelu/opiskeluohjeet/pikaohjeet/tentti) [Registration for the exam]; registered 120, maximum 200
reg.time: 15.8.2018 00:00 - 18.1.2019 12:00
 LocationWeekDayDateAtSupervisorFurther informationURITapahtuman tiedot
1-4Fr25.1.201912:00-16:00Waseliussalitiedot : https://www.jyu.fi/edupsy/fi/opiskelu/opiskeluohjeet/pikaohjeet/tenttiTapahtuman tiedot
Tentti 14.6.2019 (Tenttisalit: https://www.jyu.fi/edupsy/fi/opiskelu/opiskeluohjeet/pikaohjeet/tentti) [Registration for the exam]; registered 38, maximum 200
reg.time: 15.8.2018 00:00 - 31.5.2019 12:00
 LocationWeekDayDateAtSupervisorFurther informationURITapahtuman tiedot
1-24Fr14.6.201912:00-16:00Waseliussalitiedot : https://www.jyu.fi/edupsy/fi/opiskelu/opiskeluohjeet/pikaohjeet/tenttiTapahtuman tiedot
Tentti 9.8.2019 (Tenttisalit: https://www.jyu.fi/edupsy/fi/opiskelu/opiskeluohjeet/pikaohjeet/tentti) [Registration for the exam]; registered 34, maximum 200
reg.time: 15.8.2018 00:00 - 2.8.2019 12:00
 LocationWeekDayDateAtSupervisorFurther informationURITapahtuman tiedot
1-32Fr9.8.201912:00-16:00Waseliussalitiedot : https://www.jyu.fi/edupsy/fi/opiskelu/opiskeluohjeet/pikaohjeet/tenttiTapahtuman tiedot