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18.10.2019 08:05

BENJ1001 Post Graduate Seminar, 2 op, Please, sign up for the BENS9111 too.

Bio- ja ympäristötieteiden laitos

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Alkaa - päättyy: 1.9.17 - 31.7.20
Ilmoittautumisaika: 18.4.17 klo 0:00 - 31.7.20 klo 23:59
Opettaja(t): Yliopistotutkija Ines Klemme (ines.klemme@jyu.fi)
Akatemiaprofessori, professori Johanna Mappes (johanna.r.mappes@jyu.fi)
Tutkijatohtori Aigi Margus (aigi.margus@gmail.com)
Lehtori Varpu Marjomäki (varpu.s.marjomaki@jyu.fi)
Tutkijatohtori Ossi Nokelainen (ossi.nokelainen@jyu.fi)
Tutkijatohtori Cyril Rigaud (cyril.c.rigaud@jyu.fi)
Johannes Schilder (j.c.schilder@gmail.com)
Apulaisprofessori, yliopistonlehtori Lotta-Riina Sundberg (lotta-riina.sundberg@jyu.fi)
Yliopistotutkija Silva Uusi-Heikkilä (silva.k.uusi-heikkila@jyu.fi)
Laajuus: 2 op
Kielet: opetuskielet: English; suorituskielet: English
Ilmoittautuneita: 45
Organisaatiot:Bio- ja ympäristötieteet (BEN), Bio- ja ympäristötieteiden laitos (BIO)
Sisältö:Seminar for doctoral students who are about to submit their doctoral thesis for evaluation. The length of the talk is 30–40 minutes with 15 min for discussion. The talk should include a broad theoretical background, description of the methods, a summary of results and conclusions. The talk should not consist of separate presentations of the articles in the dissertation but instead the experiments should be synthesized, forming a coherent entity. Due to the limited time allocated for the talk, it is not necessary to include all results in the presentation.
Osaamistavoitteet:After completing this course the student:
- will have experience in delivering a full length scientific seminar talk
- learn to discuss their own scientific results with other scientists
- learn how to respond to questions
- will learn to ask questions and discuss others research when attending to other students seminars
Suoritustavat:To complete the course, a doctoral student must give a full length seminar and attend at least 10 other doctoral students’ seminars during their postgraduate studies.